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I have my laptop win7 using the my new N Router. When i look at my connection speed, it is 130 Mbps. Before I connected the N Router my connection speed was 54 Mbps Is this normal or is something amiss? My Verizon Router is a G and I had the Geeks come to the house and hook up the router. Instead of removing the G Router, they "daisy chained" their new router to the G router. Hope I have explained it well enough to get a good answer.

I just looked at my connection speed and it is 65 Mbps. don't know what is goinig on.

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I am not sure about a good answer but the speeds that you are indicating seem to be respectable real world performance. There are many discussions on this forum and elsewhere about maximum and optimal speeds of both and it looks like you are operating within reasonable and acceptable parameters.
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Thank you for your response. After reading the info you posted, I better understand what is going on. I kind of remember that the Government limits the wireless speeds. So anything faster than 54 Mbps is a bonus.


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For what it's worth my connection on my hard wired PC, always shows as 100 Mbps and my wifes computer which is on wireless always shows 54 Mbps.


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