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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by Klex, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Dec 14, 2010
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    First thing I wanted to ask was how to get the bsod to stay instead of the computer just restarting right away without being able to log into windows 7 safe mode or into windows 7. Once I am able to do that I will be able to get the bsod error code. If anyone can be of any help whether it be telling me what is wrong, how to get the bsod to freeze so I can get the error code or any ideas on what else I might be able to provide to help with someone helping me. Thanks.

    Computer Specs:
    Processor: I7-860
    Motherboard: Asus P7P55D Pro
    Power Supply: OCZ 700w
    Graphics Card: Asus ENGT240
    Ram: G.Skill F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ CL 9-9-9-24 3x2Gb DDR3 1600

    I've done the standard win 7 memory test and the results are posted below.

    Standard Memory Test Results:
    Problem: Event name: StartupRepairOffline
    Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
    Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
    Problem Signature 03: Unknown
    Problem Signature 04: 21200861
    Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
    Problem Signature 06: 3
    Problem Signature 07: CorruptAcl
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.2.0.0256.1
    Locale ID: 1033
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    Copy the files in C:\Windows\Minidump to any other folder then zip them. Attach the zip to a post here and we will see what's going on.

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