A problem renaming directory on a linux mapped drive share

Setup: Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

I've been accessing the same couple of mapped drive shares, that reside on a linux host thru several versions of windows, XP, Vista and now Win7.

I continue to get a rather ridiculous error message that only happens on win7 (I no longer have a Vista OS handy to test, but XP does not exhibit this problem) and am not allowed to rename directory (I will show the error in a moment)

Here is how it might come about:

I navigate into a mapped drive (residing on a linux host). Right click in Windows explorer and select `New Folder'.

The folder is created but due to a slight fumble I let it get away before giving it a meaningful name.
So now Right click `new folder' and select "rename". But I'm not allowed to rename it.

I know from experience this is not going to abate so I create another new folder but this time get it named in 1 go, and now go to the recalcitrant `new folder' and delete it.

So, I'm allowed to create folders, and delete folders, but not allowed to rename them.

The goofy error is: `The new file is too large for the destination filesystem'

Well, of course one might think perhaps the directory is full on the host.... But no, there are 64 GB available there on that share going by the linux reading, and 60 GB even by the windows reading with right click `properties' on the share.

Googling the error I find this problem happens when the filesystem is Fat32 etc.
Examining the Mapped drive with Properties, It says that the fs is NTFS. Which is of course wrong since it is a linux filesystem. formatted as Reiserfs and shared with the linux tool `samba'.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone... does anyong know what is to be done about it?

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