A program getting locked during uninstalling.

Dear Friends, I would like to have your advise on this issue of mine I am stuck in. I had installed Avast antivirus a couple of months back, but even though the program was working and on, about five viruses happened to make roots and the system was unstable. I was advised to try avira instead, and I did. But here I would like to tell you I got mixed up, I installed avira when avast was on. In the same condition I tried uninstalling avast through ccleaner. the pc got restarted, but I still could see avast in the task bar. Avira did manage to find the viruses and clear it. But then in C: program files Alwil folder is still their, in startup it is still their, I cannot disable the startup, nor I could delete the folder, but avira is working fine. How could I get rid of this avast folder, even now windows defender is not working showing some error , unable to start. Restoring doesn't work either. Any suggessions? Ashfaq.

Try uinistalling from the control panel first. Tip: When installing a second antivirus make sure to turn off/disable first one. Other wise there will be conflicts with having two antivirus's running at the same time. Next run your disk defrager and registry defrager after uninstall. These should get rid of any remnits left from the uninstall. Then restart system.
You might have to uninstall second antivirus and reinstall first one and then unisntall first one and then reinstall second one because of some corrupted files.


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Did you stop the Avast service before trying to uninstall it?I not, Ccleaner might have gone through the process, but given a false indication that it had completed the task.
You might be stuck in the middle now so do all of this:
Right click the icon, and click "Stop on Access protection." , Click Yes to the question which pops up.
Now type msconfig in the RUN, and open the "startup" tab
Untick any entries you may see which have Avast in them.
Reboot you computer, the icon will be gone. and now enter the Control Panel - Programs - uninstall a program.
If Avast is still there, Uninstall it.
If it is not showing, then it is mission accomplished.
Many programs have a problem removing superfluous entries from Vista so:
You can now enter the Windows Explorer and Program files. If Avast is still showing, delete the lot.
Defragmentation will not remove anything so you can disregard that, but now, if you run Ccleaner, it may find a few odd Avast entries in the registry, which it will take care of.

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