Windows 7 A Program I Made to Automatically Move User Folders

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripting' started by T3hPh0x, Jun 28, 2013.

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    One of the most major parts of my windows 7 installs is changing the paths of my user folders. I install windows 7 alot and i got a bit sick of having to do that every time... so i decided to fully automate the process!

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    This usb portable program starts by asking you to select a folder. Then it moves all your user folders to the root of the folder you chose. then it deletes the original folders, recreating them as junctions so that the system can't even tell that anything was ever changed.

    your real files will reside where you chose, but they are still accessible by you and other programs in the original location. I included replacement desktop.ini files so that you can keep your fancy user icons. Everything is automatic, all you have to do is select a folder and make sure you have no windows or programs open.

    unfortunately i didn't add any customization to the script... there are 11 main folders in your user directory, and it moves every one of them. perhaps one day ill add some sort of customization to it but since i dont have a need i probably wont get to that.

    This is the first script/program (its really just a lot of vbscript ant batch files) that I've made. I know it works but I'm sure there are glitches; I only spent a couple hours making it haha. Feedback is welcome!

    I made an account here to share this program because i spent a long while looking for something else that did the same. I hope it can be useful to somebody!
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    Friend, is showing your file as containing

    While this is most likely a false positive, I'm curious as to why you used an exe to contain the bulk of your program, and then some vb scripting and a batch file to do some operations? (why not just do this all in the exe?).

    I would share the source of your program, and get it cleared from any kind of detection rate :)

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