A very annoying problem..


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hi all.
i'm facing a new annoying problem.

i format the PC, but the built-in network card keep giving me, "No Network available", i tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall it, disable the the device and enable it, unplug the cable and replug it, and somehow it detect it but after long time, and the internet still slow.
and every time i restart or shutdown the PC is the problem come back, and of course i repeat every thing above.
i can't connect to internet unless i disable the Network Card for 10 seconds and re-enable it.
the problem is still exist even after a reformat.
the troubleshoot tell me there's a problem like "Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration"

what should i do ?
and thank you.


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is there no one can help me here ?

You need to download the NIC driver from you mobo website. It might be with your chipset driver as well.


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it didn't work

Reset your router. Unplug from the outlet let stand for one minute and then plug back in.


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i don't have a router

So, how excatly are you connecting to the internet? Is this a wired or wireless connection? Do you have a modem?


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this is wired.
NIC -> Cable - > Access Point in the roof -> someway wirelessly to ISP station
i think this is how built up

what is it wired to in roof ?? you need a wireless device (router/modem) is it your house or a flat


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hi, sorry for pumping an old thread.
the problem goes more complicated, as it now it not make a connection anymore.
i tried the same plug on my new laptop, it goes perfect, the system identify the internet quickly.
what it confused me, that i installed a external network card and disable the integrated on in bios, the same problem :/
does that mean the problem in my desktop itself ?

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