a virus scan gone wrong???

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by BiG GrEEn BuDz, Apr 18, 2011.

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    recently a friend of mine sent me a link to a youtube page, and an avast antivirus alert popped up as the page loaded saying it blocked some sort of malicious code, then i tried going to a few different other legitimate sites, like google, yahoo, microsoft.... every site set off avast, so i ran a quick scan, when i saw 15 infected files listed i just stopped the scan and decided to go with a bootscan to be safe. durring the boot scan, as soon as it found 2 or 3 infected files right off the bat, i hit "quarentine all" not realizing that some 6000+ files were going to get flagged. after the scan at first i couldnt get into windows, i restarted again and windows started, so i figured i better do a system restore. something then went wrong with my system restore saying it could not complete the task for some reason, so i went into safe mode, and re-ran the system restore and it worked. afterwords i rescanned with malwarebytes, avast, and webroot, and didnt find any infected files. so i looked at avast to find out exactly what i downloaded that caused this, and every file that it flagged was in my windows folder. since all this happened, ive had countless programs ive tried to install/run that wont, saying not a valid win32 program, and other various errors... so as a last resort i downloaded hijackthis to find that a bunch of my windows services are listed as (file missing). i dont know if it helps, but ive included part of the hijackthis log.
    id really appreciate any ideas on what i did, normally id pop a windows disk in, format the hard drive and start fresh, but unfortunately its a newer computer that didnt come with anything but a disk with drivers, and i dont own a windows 7 OEM disk.
    im on windows 7 64bit, if that matters at all, thanks 2 anyone who replies.
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    sorry if i missed it but can you still boot into windows ?

    If so try running sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt it may be able to repair the missing files ?

    I must admit it does sound terminal though , have you tried contacting your original supplier for a replacement OEM disc ?

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