A Weird windows 7 / windows 7 dual boot issue.

SO, no, I don't have 2 versions of windows 7 installed in a dual boot, but here's the back story on why it appears that way.
I had vista 32 bit home premium installed, and decide to dual boot into the Windows 7 RC. That all went well, i created a new partition and installed windows 7 home premium 32 bit onto it.
Recently, I found out that through school, I now have access to the full release version of windows 7 professional. I'd been wanting to make the switch to 64 bit, so that was the version I got.
After backing up everything I needed to, I simply deleted the Windows 7 partition, and resized the one remaining partition to take the full size of the disk. I then ran the windows 7 pro 64 bit disc, and installed it. Everything on the install works beautifully. However, it now gives me the option to either boot in windows 7 (new one) or windows 7 (old one), despite the old windows 7 not being there.
I'm told you can make it so it doesn't show you your boot options and will default load into the new windows 7, but is there a way to actually fix it so the bios doesn't even see the old windows 7 in the boot sector?

True, I could set my default OS to the active one, or I could choose for it to not inform me that it has dual boot options. But this seems like more of a work around, basically telling the system to ignore what the MBR is telling it. So, do we know of a way to actually edit the MBR to remove the old windows 7 entry completely? I'd rather fix it than hide it. Thanks =D.


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Hi Acxi,

You will be pleased to know this has nothing to do with the MBR, or the BIOS, or the bootsector.

It is simply bootmgr displaying the bootmenu. there is an entry in bcd that points to the old win7 install, which is no longer there.

Simply remove the entry.

Easiest way for you to do that is to go to msconfig, highlight the old entry and delete it.

There is no entry for the old 7 in the MBR - there never was. The MBR is on the first track of the HD - it is not inside a partition - it consists of a small program ( the mbr code , or initial program loader) and the partition table.

The boot menu entries are stored in bcd. That is a registry hive on the Active partition, inside the hidden Boot folder.

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