A WORKING Network Card: Dynex Gigabit PCI

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    I have an XFX 610i (nForce chipset) motherboard, and of course, Windows 7 works great with everything but the ethernet. Manually installing the driver didn't work, and I didn't feel like waiting for updates. I figured that this was a good time to get a gigabit ethernet card to use for the time being, then eventually swap into a machine that just had 10/100 when they do put out a driver.

    For $31 at Best Buy, you can get the Dynex Gigabit PCI Adapter, "DX-PCIGB." If I'm not mistaken, the Netgear NIC that was next to it has the same chipset, and it's $4 more, if you don't like Best Buy's in-house brands. This has the RLT8169 chipset, and installed without a hitch on my 64-bit system. I'm sure that you can get something cheaper online, but this is something that you can PROBABLY run out and find on the shelf.
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