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I used the windows defraggler but it shows me a drive that doesn't exist.i have only C,D E and F which is DVD drive.But while i try to de fragment it shows me a drive like
\\?\Volume{66ff1bc3-b24e-11df-9755-806e6f6e6963}\.I would like to know where this drive is located.If somebody could help me on this ?when i click on my computer it shows only drives C,D,E.



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Go to: Control Panel - System and Security - Administrative Tools

Click on: Computer Management

Under Storage click - Disk Management

That will show all the drives and partitions. The unknown drive is probably your Recovery Drive. This is what your computer would use in the event you needed to restore the computer to a like brand new state. You don't need to ever defrag it. It never does anything unless you restore the system.

Just a word of caution.

I ran the Defraggler just once on my XP PC and it totally corrupted my HD.
I had to do a Ghost Restore to get my computer back.

The Defrag programs provided by MS, going all the way back to DOS 6.22 have
been very reliable and I've never had even one go off and corrupt my HD. So I
see NO advantage to using some after-market Defrag program, that just might screw up your C: drive.

I actually get a much better defrag by backing up my C: drive with Ghost and then
doing a restore. Everything gets re-written in perfect order, with NO spaces between files and NO fragmentation.:nerdie:

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