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I was thinking to remove unwanted files from regedit so it harmful to use this software?

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I am not familiar with that particular utility. But it seems the general consensus is to not use a registry editor. If you decide to use one, I do not believe anyone can tell you for sure whether one product is or is not reliable. But whatever you decide, the user needs to watch what the utility is suggesting for deletion before allowing it to do so.

It is always good for a Registry Editing utility to have a restore option in case it does something bad. It would probably also be advisable for you to be familiar with the best way to restore your system in case a change to the registry might make your system unbootable.

I'm sorry , but I'm completely lost.
You don't remove files with a Registry editor, like 'Regedit'.
You might with a Registry Cleaner though, of which there are many, some safe and some total disasters.
Windows already has a very good reg. editor (Regedit) if that's what a person needs.
And a good junk file remover, in its "Disk Cleanup" which can be run in an extended mode, to clean out even more junk.

As for removing specific files, that would normally be done in Windows Explorer.


OH, by the way, most so called Reg Cleaners on the WWW are real Snake Oil, Bogus, Malware, etc.
Including all those advertised on TV.

Remember, Google is your friend! Whenever you have a question about a mysterious file or an unknown program just Google it.
I just did that for "RegCure" and there is a pot full of info on that program. Here's just one man's take on it:
There are many others.

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