Access 2002 and 2003 both crash hard in Windows7


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I am a Microsoft Access developer and have Access 2002, Office Pro 2003, and Office Pro 2007 installed simultaneously on a brand new Dell high-end machine with Windows 7 and all Windows7 and Office updates applied. Access 2007 seems to work fine. Access 2003 and 2002 both crash when I right click on any control in any database and try to go to the event properties code behind the form. I have had this same set of office products running on 2 Windows XP Pro boxes for years with no problems.
Anyone else running into this type of problem?


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you would have probably tried this but just incase, have you tried to run it as administrator or tried the compatibality mode in properties when you right click on desktop shortcut??

a simple solution that you might have missed


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No help

Thanks for the reply. No, I hadn't tried either of those but now have tried.
Neither works.
After trying various compatibility settings, Windows determines that
MSACCESS is an incompatible program....Great help Microsoft!!

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