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I will try to keep this brief..

I am not a programer, just a hack.. but several years ago I created a project that is still going strong and increasing in sales as time goes on.. Not being a programer I purchased and use access developers tool kit for access 97 which takes care of the installation process for me..

Installing the application on Windows 7 works fine and all is good until I go to run the application then it stops with an error.. This is because on installation Windows 7 does not give user access rights to write or modify the mdb and mde access files. Once I perform a manual change everything works the way it should.

So whilst I understand why this has all evolved, I have no idea how I going to be able to get around it... As this is not something that is a property of these files, this is a new setting for windows 7...

My problem is that the average person on the street is not going to download the program and expect to have to change settings in windows to get it to work.. Over the recent years I have realised that 98% of the users of my program are not computer people, they are mum and dads with no real pc skills. So they will be expecting to download the software and install it and begin using it...

Does anyone have any idea how I can resolve this issue.. What do I need to do to enable the software to install on Windows 7 with write and modify rights to the mdb and mde files...




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Maybe this is in the wrong direction, but have you tried logging in as the global Administrator and doing it from there?

There are a three ways:
Open a command prompt(Run as Administrator.)
Type the following command and enter.
net user administrator /active
Log out and see if you have a new alternative login, as well as your existing one. If not, do it the long way.

Shut down the computer for a cold boot. Tap the "F8" key as you are booting.
Select "Safe Mode with networking" from the boot menu.
Log into windows 7 with your personal account that holds the (net) administrator access.
Open a command window (START--->RUN--->CMD.exe). At the command prompt type, again, net user administrator /active
Log out and log back in as administrator.

Another way, (maybe quicker in the end!)
Go to Start
Type Control UserPasswords2.
Click Advanced.
Click Advanced again.
Select Users.
Select Administrator and untick the the box “Administrator is disabledâ€Â￾
Now log out and login as Administrator.
The action leaves you a little more vulnerable to outside attack. Not a big issue if you are confident with your anti virus control etc.


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Hi Rak,

I am not worried about me, I am not the problem....

The problem is when someone with NO computer skills downloads the software an installs it, Windows7 automatically assumes control and sets the permissions of the mdb and mde files, because of this the main data files cannot be modified, thus the program becomes useless.

The average person on the street is not going to want to change any of these settings, he or she will expect that the software should work out of the box. Somehow there has to be a way to instruct windows when the program is installed to allow these files to be modified without having to go the properites of the files and change them manually.

I doubt that microsoft would have overlooked this issue, but anything is possible...


I am having the same problem

Isn't there a way to include a script in the installation package to set the Win 7 machine to allow Access mde or mdb files to run so the user does not have to reconfigure the system?

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