Access Denied Error Message Trying to Delete Folder Even in the DOS Command Prompt!

I had downloaded a file and when I was done with it I wanted to delete the folder, subdirectories, and files. I kept getting "Access Denied." Went into properties and under Security, the owner was not named and I could not change it by editing it. Everytime I tried to change the attrib read only switch, the file would not let me.

I did some reading on icacls and found that a person could force ownership with the TAKEOWN.EXE file. I set the whole directory to my administator name. The files owner under the DIR /Q still showed, "..." Very frustrating... I had the switch in DOS for TAKEOWN.EXE set to /r /a. This should have named my logged in administator as the owner of every file in the directory.

However, when I rebooted my laptop in safe mode with prompt.... I did a dir of the subdirectory in question and I my administration name for my laptop was named as the owner...quite different than what the prompt had done under windows 7 cmd.exe....

I was able to delete this subdirectory, and all files.... but what a hassel....

Learned some new dos commands though!

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