Access Denied on secondary drive. Nothing works!

Hi there,

Ive looked all through these forum and other sites including the windows official support and cant find anything to help with my problem.

I recently updated my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have two HDD one for my OS install and one for my documents etc.

I wiped clean for a fresh install the OS drive which removed XP and now contains Win7. The documents drive however wont open. I keep receiving the same message which is...
F:\ is not accessible.

Access is denied.

I have tried numerous tutorials and browsed many forums where people have had the problem. The techniques ive tried include changing permissions from the properties, trying to change permission through cmd and all the rest. Another piece of information is that when i look at the properties of the drive it shows that its empty.
Free Space: 0bytes
Used Space: 0bytes
Capacity: 0bytes

The drive contains all the files i backed up from my previous OS and all the files that was originally on it.

I really need help to try resolve this as it contains allot of information and documents that i need for family and work.

Help much appreciated. :confused:


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First you should probably double check the power cable as well as both ends of the drive interface cable and make sure that they are connected properly.
Next you need to double check your BIOS screen and make sure that the system bios is seeing the second drive and identifying it properly as you would expect.
Next you need to type
disk management
into the search box and hit enter
resize the window as needed to expose all the content information regarding your disks
use the snipping tool to take a snap shot of the Disk Management Console and attach it to your next post.
See attachment


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I don't know if there is anything here that will help but it seems to solve this problem for a lot of people.

This isn't an uncommon problem when updating from XP to Windows 7.

I have no idea why it happens to some people and not others, I updated several 2 hard drive computers from XP to Windows 7 and never ran into this.

This is a pretty lengthy procedure but it is all spelled out here step by step with pictures.

Hope this helps.


I cant thank you both enough for you replies.

Mike your tutorial worked perfectly. Totally pulled it out of the bag and i can now see and use everything within the drive.
Thanks for your quick reply also Trouble.

Much appreciated guys.


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Glad you got it working!
Good luck.


I tried your guide, it's great... and finally my problem was resolved. Thanks so much my great!

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