Access Laptop Files over Network - Not within Homegroup

Hi All, Sorry if there's a similar thread on here and also sorry for such a noob question.

I have a laptop on my network, it's monitor is messed up so I can't really see the screen. Fuzzy lines etc. My question is basically, there are files on the laptop I need to get off, how can I access the files on the laptop from another machine on the same network?

Plugging in an external monitor no longer works for some strange reason.

Everytime I try to conenct to the Laptop (over the network) using the credentials the laptop has, it keeps saying wrong password/username. What I type in is the laptop name \ user and then type the password in (i.e. laptop\user, password). Is this the right way to do this?

My other option which i'm trying tonight is to try to either share a folder on the laptop or try add it to the homegroup, basically I can just about see a faint cmd promt screen on the laptop so I'm going to try do it that way.

Any help would be great. Thanks. :confused:


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