Access SkyDrive as a network drive in Windows 7


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Via the assistance of a program called "SkyDrive Simple Viewer" you can obtain your unique ID for any folder on your Windows Live SkyDrive. With this unique ID, you can easily configure a network drive that's accessible directly from your desktop.

Things you'll need are:
  • A Windos (7?) PC
  • Windows Live Essentials Installed. If you don't already have this great suite of software from Microsoft, get it here.
  • The program for obtaining the unique ID (SkyDrive Simple Viewer). You can find it here.
Step 1: Download and extract SkyDrive Simple Viewer.
Pretty straight forward, download the zipped folder from the link above and extract the files.

Step 2: Run the program.
Launch the executable, input your Windows Live ID and password (the account you use for SkyDrive) and click "Login to my SkyDrive".

Step 3: Get your unique ID.
Unfortunately, each network drive has to be configured with only one of your SkyDrive folders. From in the dialog, select the folder you wish to use and copy the WebDAV address.

Step 4: The easy part (Configure the Network Drive)
Open Computer>>Map Network Drive.
Configure the options however you'd liked, just make sure the address in the "Folder" field is the WebDAV address from the Simple Viewer.
Note: From My Computer, you can right click to rename the drive something other than the long address you retrieved earlier.

That's all you need to do. I realize this might not be the best tutorial, but I know somebody will find it useful.

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