Access to 2 WebDisk folders simultaneously

Rainer Bielefeld

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For my projects I crate a technical documentation DVD, what is a copy of the documentation on my HDD. The documentation is divided into 2 areas:
C :\Paths\Documentation\CommonFilesPath\ (Datasheets and similar, common for all customers and projects)
C :\Paths\Documentation\UserProjects\ (Contains customer projects files like application related manuals .....)

There are lots of links from "\UserProjects\" to "\CommonFilesPath\" and linked contents from "\CommonFilesPath\" in files in "\UserProjects\"

After a project has been finished the customer will get a DVD with documentation with

Because of relative hyperlinks that works fine on my HDD and also on DVD

Some users have virtual disks for that documentation, I have remote ftp access and can keep their documentation up to date, and relative hyperlinks also work fine.

In future I want to offer an additional service for users with limited IT: Documentation should be on my WebSpace-providers's server, My customers and I have access from anywhere. That is not a problem if I create
and so on. Each customer has limited access only to his folders

But that solution is not elegant, Multiple copies of "CommonFilesPath\ " need to be on the webdisk (1 for each customer", and each of those folders would need my maintenance. I do want a solution
allcustomers\Documentation\CommonFilesPath\ (access for all customers)
customer1\Documentation\UserProjects\ (accesonly customer 1)
customer2\Documentation\UserProjects\ (accesonly customer 1)

Currently I only kn ow a solution what would need 2 "users" for each customer (and me)

From 1 PC the same real person
as User "allcustomers" has access to that folder "allcustomers\"
as User "customer1" has access to "customer1\"

File access works, but links between "allcustomers" and "customer1" (and vice versa) do not work.

My test :

"picture.png" is linked contents used in ""and should be shown in ""
In "" there is a hyperlink to "commonfile.yyy", click on that link should open "commonfile.yyy"
None of the links betwen "allcustomers" and "customerX" will work.

Any idea how to solve that problem without any changes in documentation files on my HDD??

Rainer Bielefeld

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I should have mentioned that currently I do not have the planned final test environment. I did my tests for 2 FTP-folders on my webspace, what are added in WIN Explorer by "Add Web Address".

A problem seems to be that I can not log in to 2 Network addresses simultaneously.


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Do I understand that you want 2 webpages side by side like this


Rainer Bielefeld

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Hi whs,

I have difficulties to understand your question, so I try to explain my desire some more detailed.

a) On My HDD I have 2 sub-folders "CommonFilesPath" and "UserProjects" under a folder
C :\Paths\Documentation\CommonFilesPath\
C :\Paths\Documentation\UserProjects\
c) "CommonFilesPath" and "UserProjects" should become WebDrives on
my webspace at provider All-Incl
d) until here everything easy. but:
e) Links what are between documents in my subfolders also must work on the
WebDrives, what seems more or less impossible?!? All my customers need
access to \CommonFilesPath\, but each customer only to his \UserProjects\
So if really impossible I need an alternative solution, what grants that the links in the document-copies on WebDrive will work the same way like in the original documents on my PC. Might be something like a single WebDrive, All users have access to WebDrive and\CommonFilesPath\, and each user additionally access to his \UserProjects\? But I haven't a clue how to do that.
Or is there any other possibility for a solution "in the cloud" what will grant common access to \CommonFilesPath\ and user related access to \UserProjects\ ?

Rainer Bielefeld

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I think the solution will be:
A) Every User gets a WebDrive with \CommonFilesPath\ and \UserProjects\ in it
B) I will keep up to date contents in WebDrive of 1 User and a Cronjob will start a PHP script every day to copy \CommonFilesPath\ to all other users' WebDrives. There is enough webspace on that server.