access to encrypted media fails


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I am running Windows 7 64bit. I've some issue on my system which is driving me nuts.

I can't view encryted films from Lovefilms.
Internet purchases via credit card fails on the very last step .. the bit after the extra verification step for Visa Debit.. the page has reset...

Well they both used to work just fine but something has broken. If I try using the same PC but with a vmware win 7 image it works just fine. I think it all started when Lovefilm forced us to use silverlight??

Both IExplorer and Firefox fail in the same way.

Nothing meaningful comes back when Lovefilms fails.. just says something about the film being not available or there is some issue with the internet.

This problem is only with this PC.

Well I have had a crack at fixing the issue.. reset browsers to defaults, reinstalled both browsers, disabled add-ins. Looked on Lovefilms forums. Re-installed Silverlight. No joy.
Same error everytime.

So what do I do...

Normally I would my own Pc issues but I'm completely out of my depth here.

Where do I start in any PD? I don't really have any error messages to work with.

It's the hardest issue I've had to deal with that's for sure.

Is there anyone who can help here? If I knew what compnent was broken I could try and re-initiialise it.. but what's broken?

So I've come to this forum seeking help. Anyone out there have any ideas what's going on here?

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