Accessibility of user-installed fonts by automated tasks

I've installed an extra font that I need for an application (LiberationSansNarrow). This font is available in the application, in Notepad, and shows up in the Control Panel / Fonts utility.

However, when I run a task automatically using Task Scheduler, the font is not available to the application (as is evident in the output files). It IS available if I run the same task manually, from a command window; the task is simply a script that calls some python code.

The job run by Task Scheduler is run with the highest privileges box checked, and runs as a domain/active directory user (not a local user), but this is the same user who installed the font, and that user has full Administrator privileges.

When I look at the font directory listing in a command window with dir /q, it shows the owner as "BUILTIN\Administrators". Other fonts (installed with Win7 presumably) show up as either that, or "NT SERVICE\Trusted", including Arial, which works in the application under Scheduled Tasks. Here's the listings:

C:\Windows\Fonts>dir /q arial.ttf
Directory of C:\Windows\Fonts
06/10/2009 04:25 PM 774,476 NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaarial.ttf

C:\Windows\Fonts>dir /q LiberationSansNarrow-Bold.ttf
Directory of C:\Windows\Fonts
07/21/2010 09:29 AM 109,820 BUILTIN\Administrators LiberationSansNarrow-Bold.ttf

Any clues on how to either change the owner of the font files of interest, and who that owner should be, or other possible solutions? Right-clicking on the font file does not give you normal options (such as properties, where you might change the owner).


Did you find a solution to this?

I am having the same issue although when checking the file owner I have the default owner correct. Yet when I run as a scheduled task my app does not find my font. :mad:

22/03/06 14:00 PM 367,112 BUILTIN\Administrators arial.ttf (Regular Arial installed on the machine)

29/11/07 17:41 PM 5,116 BUILTIN\Administrators FREE3OF9.TTF (My font that the app running as a scheduled task doesn't see)

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