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Windows 7 Accessing(And being accessed from) Windows XP systems


New Member
May 29, 2009
Hey guys. I'm having some issues with accessing the computers I have on my network.

I have only ever used XP. Never vista before, and this is my first time using Windows 7. So far things are going great. But trying to get this network thing figured out is a bit difficult.

Can somebody direct me to a guide on how to create a network connection between my XP computers and this new Windows 7 computer that I have?

Been delving into the networking area but haven't found anything that can help me yet.
First off, your going to have to give more details on the PC's of the LAN your trying to create. Second, your going to have to create a workgroup. Homegroups only work between windows 7 OS's when they work at all. Others have had this problem in the past, so searching further in the networking category is a good spot to see what others have done. I'm running a LAN with 3 XP, 3 Vista, and 2 win 7 with no problems. Some have had specific problems related to ethernet cards, others were simple fixes. what kind of router do you have too so we can get a clear pic....
Takes time to view network computers

i've put win7 on my laptop and ive got sys running on xp. ive put them on network using a wifi modem(residential gateway). i have made them both members of workgroup. problem is that it takes lot of time to view computers on network
(start->network). that green bar running slowly irritates me. please save me.....