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    Hi, first post (and I have searched for an answer) so be gentle!

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and I use my PC for general use, gaming, and web development – each of these currently done through a separate admin account -> simply so that I can personalise them for their purpose, i.e. desktop items, links etc.

    The problem I have is that I want some programs to be universal across each account, and other programs I don’t.

    Now I understand with Applocker that I can designate certain programs to not run on certain user accounts.

    I want to take this further if possible, and hide the programs altogether.

    I guess what I want to replicate is what looks like 3 separate Windows Installs, each with different programs etc.

    Obviously I don’t want three separate installs, but I want to make my build cleaner than it currently is.

    For example, chrome default installs into the admin area, and so is only available on the account it was installed on.

    Other programs installed to the standard program files, are accessible for any account.
    I could create a folder for each account, and install programs to there, and restrict access to the other folders… but surely there is a better way of doing this?

    (I do not want to get into the realms of using a server-client application permissions set-up)

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