acer 3935 - 64bit ultimate - bt and wireless on and off constantly?

I have an acer 3935 laptop, running 64bit ultimate win 7. I have installed the vista 64bit drivers and it worked fine for first week, then after about a week, the bluetooth started restarting constantly it has a little button on it and it just kept flashing on and off its a touch style button, not a press one, and it was constant, then would stop for a while then do it again. I took all the bt drivers out completely and it still turns on and off when its disabled. Now the wireless has started doing exactly the same thing, its controlled in same way by a touch style button and its on and off along with bluetooth, this is bizarre nothing ive seen before, is it win 7 related? or a virus? ive ran all sorts of stuff, malware bytes, spybot, avg av


ive downloaded those two things but its just that they randomly restart on and off, dont think I will see if someone is trying to get into my pc via that, this happens at work and home, and has no pattern

cant really talk with acer or vendor as it obviously didnt come with win 7 ult so they would just automatically blame it on that, wouldnt get anywhere


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What 64-bit drivers did you install?

i am pretty sure the win 7 drivers were on the website, it just seems so weird that it happens randomly, like its been fine siince i made this post, but when it starts, its like aliens have landed


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Which drivers do you mean. you installed?

win 7 64bit


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Maybe I'm not fully understanding.........:confused:

Do you mean the driver from Windows update or a specific application

i got the windows 7 64bit drivers from the acer website specifically for my laptop


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Could you provide me with the link you got the drivers from?

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you have to select model and os but win 7 ultimate for download are available


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Yes, I located it.

I can't understand why it wouldn't work.

Is it possible that Windows Update may have overwritten one of those drivers?

I would try re-downloading them and give that a try.

First Uninstall the drivers if they are located in Programs and Features using a freeware program called Revouninstaller:
Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download

If they are not located in Programs and Features., go to device Manager, choose update driver and navigate to the directory where the files were extracted. You need to click ion the .inf file.

If it's an .exe file, just choose Uninstall in Device Manager, do not reboot, but start the installtion by running the .exe file.

ok i have done that, but having thought about it, you can turn the hardware on and off even if it has no drivers installed, therefore maybe it must be the control of the wireless and bt in hardware? there are no options for this and no software that controls it they are just like on and off switches but as they are like touch, you just put your finger over them, and they work they just keep going on and off constantly, maybe its a fault??

taking it back tomorrow as after another install its just the same, totally tired of it now, just constantly restarting and annoying, i dont honestly know if its win 7 related or hardware related

Hi. I've exactly the same problem with my Acer 3935 and I'm running Win Vista 64 bit. I was thinking to install Win 7 64 bit to try solve the problem, but as I read from you, no changes...

Have you found a solution? Maybe the problem could be related to the drivers of the launchpad, specifically to the driver versions for 64 bit OS. I say this because previously I was running both Vista and XP 32 bit and with them I was not having this problem.

By the way this is the second forum I find with someone describing this problem, therefore is definitely a problem of the Acer series 3935. Have you tried to contact Acer? I've read of people that tried and acer didn't solve, simply answering that no hardware problem had been found.


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Iv got the same problem as well. It doesent seem to matter what type of os you are running, so my guess would be that this is a hardware issue. Please keep us posted on your progress, did you or your dealer get any response from acer?


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i have an acer 3935 as well. I had it for 2 weeks working fine, then encountered the same problem. Here is summary of my testing so far, without success.

Vista Home Premium 32 bit
Tried with factory conditions, then updated with Acer specific wireless and bluetooth drivers/software.
Removed Acer bundled software and updated with Intel drivers from Intel, and from Windows update all with no success. The problem still occurs randomly.

Upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit, Acer upgrade disk from Vista, problem still occured, then Updated drivers from Acer disk/website when problem still occured, then updated drivers from Intel and windows update. Still problem.

Formatted hard disk, and did a clean install with Windows 7 Acer CD and updated drivers from Acer and updated drivers from Intel, each with no success.

After sending to acer repairs, they first sent it back No fault found. After sending it back a second time, they replaced the wireless card, stating that they found a faulty wireless card. The problem still occurs, though not as frequently. I am on barebones system, with no additional software instsalled except virus scanner. Here are the different variations of the problem i have encountered with no discernable pattern.

Wireless and Bluetooth turn on and off

4 Scenarios how it occurs:
1) Wireless/Bluetooth/data transfer lights flash simultaneously on and off
2) The wireless/bluetooth lights flash simultaneously on and off
3) Bluetooth turns on or off on it's own (depending on if it was on or off)
4) Wireless turns on or off on it's own (depending on if it was on or off)
Have not been able to work out a pattern. Each time all i was doing was browsing the web or doing nothing.
At times have been able to get a few hours uninterrupted, the last day I had it on all day next to me (the day i got it back from repairs second time), without doing anything and it did not drop out once. Now it has started to drop out erratically again.

Problem occurs on battery mode, and on AC.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated!!!

(Are ALL Aspire 3935's having this problem or only a few users? I wonder if i get a replacement machine whether it would still occur)

I also noticed that when I installed Live Mesh, that the problem worsened, and 1 and 2 occured more often for longer periods of time. I removed it and it didn't occur as much, though was not as regular a problem. The only thing i can think of there is that it was while it was downloading and syncing files, so when there was high throughput through the device? I don't think this is the direct cause, but i think it may point somehow to the root of the problem maybe?? anyone else with this problem using Live Mesh?

I'm pretty sure this is a hardware issue related to heat. This has been driving me mad for a long time, but it seems to happen a lot more when the laptop is plugged in and thus charging the battery. Since the battery is right under the buttons, which I imagine are heat-sensitive, I believe that's what makes them freak out. I've been making efforts to keep that laptop cool and I unplug it and just let it run on battery when it freaks out and that seems to stop it after a minute or so of not charging. Also, I use an app called SpeedFan to monitor temps. Good luck...

Hi guys. I too am an owner of this laptop and, unsurprisingly, am suffering from the same problem.

It's not exactly a fix, but I've found they stop going on and off if you put one finger on each side of the set of buttons (one just to the left of the wireless button and one just to the right of the backup button). Then if you hold your fingers there for a while (about 30 seconds to a minute maybe) the buttons will start going on and off again. But then if you remove your fingers they stop!

This does the trick for me, but obviously doesn't prevent it happening again in any way.

They are really annoying and there should really be a way to disable them at the very least. Am tempted to just break them somehow.

Has anyone actually complained to Acer? If so what was their response?

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