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Dear Forum Members,

I´ve met the following problem in the last days....

I have a laptop, built-in 5.1 speaker....and after installing the drivers it was good for a few minutes, and then the center, and the upper right speaker stopped working....

I first thought about hardware issue, but the ACer techies told me that theres nothing wrong with the speakers....
so it must be software....

I tried the latest 2.26 realtek high definition audio driver as well....but it was not good either...

I tried under Vista as well...also the same...

Do you have any idea???

thanks for helping me out.

I have exact problem as zimmela1, my Acer Aspire 8930G is quite new and upper right speaker doesn't work, and I can't get 5.1 surround sound either (but that's another story)

Anyone else with similar issues?


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Hi There,

My problem has been solved by installing one of the latest drivers...if you give me an e-mail I can give you the details to download that....also I took my laptop to the check whether it was a hardware error or not...

Feel free to contact me : Email address removed as requested

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Acer sound issues

I have contacted ACER several times regarding sound driver problems with my Aspire 5600 after loading windows 7. They basically blew me off saying that 1. the system was out of warrenty. 2. the system wasn't registered (and it was I watched my wife do it) and 3. They have no windows7 drivers for that machine. So I doubt you'll get any help from ACER. Keep in mind that ACER now has Gateway, Emachines, and Packard Bell brands as well. In short I think their customer service is arrogently lacking. Here is an excerpt of their reply:

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I’ll be happy to assist you with this issue.

I understand that you are unable to receive audio on your computer after the installation of Windows 7.

I have verified the Serial Number as LXAB10J005629064A42500 and found that the computer is out of warranty and not registered.

Unfortunately there are no drivers for the Windows 7 available for the system.

For further information you may avail Answers By Acer support on 1.800.237.6483. Calling cards are available for 30 minutes ( $59.99 ) and 90 minutes ( $129.99 ).

Another option is that you can approach a local technician.

I find 9/10 techs know about computers because they like playstation or xbox games and its more a hobby than a profession (Acer pay peanuts so get monkeys I suppose)

Below maybe of some use to you, I use this method to test individual speakers on those blue gemstone models, it will let you know if it is a hardware problem or a software issue:

Vista speaker properties and Acer eAudio management are both incapable of testing the internal subwoofer, so:

Right-click the volume icon in the notification area
Select Playback devices
Click on speakers
Click properties
Click on the “Levels” tab
Turn all of the levels down (except HD audio output and internal subwoofer)
Play some music using Windows Media Player
If u hear any audio, the subwoofer is working

Hi i found THE solution to this problem. I think it also works for other ACER models with bad sound. I've got a 8930G.

Dont reinstall your sounddriver yet.

Go to playback devices -> Speakers-> Properties-> enhancements.

Check the first box Environment. Put this settings to the fourth one called; Room. <- IMPORTANT!!!!!

the last box also called room correction.

To test it, play music and go to playback devices -> Speakers-> Properties-> Levels. test by turning channels off and on again.
Mine is working fine ( after a few years with crackling sound tru woofer and only front speaker/channel working)

If its not working try it with this driver Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.5901_W7x64W7x86_Acer
But i think its not the driver but the settings....

Please post your result, so we can help our other Acer users!

Peace out :victorious:

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