Windows 7 Acer aspire 5315 wifi+wired network driver issue


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i have a laptop acer aspire 5315 running win 7, and it worked fine with the beta version of seven, since the rc1 (maybe after an update), i can't get the network to work. neither wifi nor cabled.
the troubleshooter says it's a driver issue.
i tried to reinstall them with the vista sp1 drivers given on acer website and when i reinstalled them i used the compatibility mode vista sp1 but it did'nt solved the issue.
maybe i can download an update for this driver from another pc on microsft website. (it appeared on unsucceeded windows updates).
i'll try to repost if solved.
heres what i did when my ethernet and wireless stopped working, and it fixed it.
Go to Network and sharing center.
Click "change adapter settings"
It should show your wireless and LAN (Local Area Network) connections.
Right click LAN and click on "Properties" (Make sure you are using an admin account)
Click on internet protocol version 6.
At the bottom, a new option called "Properties"
Click on that.
Make sure that the cicles "Obtain ipv6 address automatically" for both.
Hit ok and then click on "Internet protocol version 4"
Go to properties.
Make sure that those same cicles are marked.
Click ok and close out of LAN, but not Adapter settings.
Right click on "Wireless Network"
Click properties and do the same thing that you just did for LAN.

This should work, depending on if that was the problem or not.
It worked for me, so i hope i helped
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