Windows 7 Acer Aspire One Wifi Solution!

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Feb 7, 2009
Hey everyone, using a driver utility I have managed to get a Atheros Wifi driver for the Acer Aspire One. After you download it, just un-zip the contents and launch setup.exe, you don`t even need to uninstall previous drivers. The LED light works and it works after every reboot. The only problem you may come across is Network Location Awareness has stopped working (only happens after every 10 boots or so) ENJOY:D

Download link (in my SkyDrive)
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**UPDATE** In the Windows 7 RC this is no longer an issue, wifi works out of the box.
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Mitchell, can you tell how well you think W7 runs on the Aspire One? I have the 1Gb ram, 16Gb Sd version, and although it installed just fine (twice in fact, once from an external optical and once from a thumb drive), it felt like I was running it on an old 286. It was so slow as to be unusable. I have posted on here already asking if there was anything I had to do post install but no replies so far. I've gone back to Linpus for now but I really would like to use W7. Two things I did notice though. Both times I tried it, WiFi worked straight out the box. The other things was, during the thumb drive installation, I was offered the option to Home Group with my desktop. I wasn't offered this during the installation via my external optical drive though. My desktop was on in both cases.
Hello, ferns,

If you google "slow acer aspire one ssd" there is a hack to make the ssd faster but I wouldn't recommend it because you have to (attempt?) disassemble the entire computer. The main problem is that the SSD has low read/write speeds.

I suggest you purchase one of the newer models with a 160 GB HARD DRIVE instead. Feel free to message me.
This is no longer a problem, hasn't been since pre-RC builds if I remember correctly.. I'm closing this thread and the ZIP archive is no longer on my skydrive.
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