Acer Crystal Eye Webcam

Hello everyone. I have an Acer Aspire 4530 laptop that I put Windows 7 on last week. I have been trying every driver I could find to get my webcam to work with 7, but nothing I have done has worked. I went to Acer's website and downloaded the drivers from there and device manager says my webcam is working properly, but when I go to Skype to set it up all I get is a black screen with a "loading" animation in the middle. Does anyone know any other way to get it to work? The laptop came with Vista but when I got it it had a bad version of 7 on it so I bought a new version, wiped the hard drive and installed 7 home.

Did you check if your webcam is enable? If not, well you just found your problem. Another thing you can try would be, to go on the device manager(click on start button, write down device manger, press enter), from there look if there is a yellow exclamation mark beside your webcam drivers. If it's the case, you have an error, so you'll have to re-install the drivers for your webcam. Usually, they give you a CD with your laptop, with all the drivers update, try to install it using the CD.

It is enabled and there is no yellow exclamation mark. I've searched and searched and it just seems that I cannot use this webcam (built in) with Windows 7. It sucks, though. And no disks were given with this laptop. I bought it used and they said it came with no disks. I did download all the drivers from the website though. I guess since this computer came with Vista I'm not going to be able to use the webcam.

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