Acer Extensa 5630 EZ limited access or no connectivity using Wi-Fi

Hi guys!

I have this portable than to suddenly no longer connects it with the cable wifi (wi-fi especially interests me). Suddenly he do not connect more at home or work where before last night was fine. The portable and an Acer Extensa 5630 EZ with wi-fi card Atheros ar5b93.

To say that I tried to restore the driver after I uninstall and reinstall the card drivers, then I tried to do with static ipv4 i gave, nothing but nothing.
I do not think is the router because i got another computer that is connecting regularly and then at work the same i try to remove the net key, but nothing to even in this case. It apears some how the computer do not receive the ip from the dchp not even i put it manualy. That happen after i take out a spyware with hijack this.

At this point I do not know what to do ... .... some of u got any ideea??

Thank you in advance and escuse my english.



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Take some time and do some additional scans for malware as well as virii
I like Spybot Search and Destroy as well as Malwarebytes there are many others like Ad-Aware by LavaSoft, take your pick, I recommend downloading all three, installing, and updating them to their respective current signature sets and then letting them run full scans and remove what they find. What are you using for an AntiVirus solution, since obviously something seems to have slipped by it, you may want to re-evaluate the product and try another alternative. Microsoft Security Essentials seems to work ok, for a lot of people, others seem to like Avira and or Avast take a pick but only use one antivirus solution at a time uninstall the previous before moving to a new one.
Open an elevated command prompt and type sfc /SCANNOW let it run and see if it finds any thing of consequence.
Also you may want to give the system restore utility a try pick a restore point prior to the problem occuring.
After a confirmed infection, it's difficult if not impossible to be absolutely sure that there are no remnants left scattered around (even in a restore point) that may prevent you from ever resolving the issue with out performing a complete clean install after a wipe and format with something like KillDisk

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Hi Trouble ty very much for ur response!!
Well yes i olready did all what u said and i remove some keyloggers and one of them was in application data and as results i got this problem, now the computer seems to be clean of virus and malware.
Yeah i use myself spybot and ad-aware.

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