Acer Windows 7 Wifi Conflicting Issue

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    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'd really be most grateful to get a solution to my issue. Ok
    I have a Acer Aspire 5250 with Windows 7 Ultimate. It has been running just fine for a while now but after about 16 hours ago, Ive been having issues connecting to the internet. Everything was fine until I turned on my laptop yesterday and I had to input my WEP key again for my home network. During this time It said "unidentified network", "limited access" or none at all. Then after a bit It said I had connected to my home network, with access but there was none!

    Now here is where it gets wierd. I have a iPhone that has had no problems but whenever theyre on simultaneously, my laptop sort of kicks my iPhone off of the network.
    Now my ps3, 360 and psp work just fine but it seems after each reboot of my laptop, my iphone wifi tells me that I have the incorrect password. When my laptop is off, its fine. It just reconnects on its own.

    But honestly here my biggest issue is with my laptop. I dont know what to do, Im not a computer wiz but I need help. I have installed all of the latest windows updates on it, so im not sure if thats the issue. Is it that my iphone and laptop are fighting over the same ip address or what? I did a Windows Network Diagnostic and a box appears that says there are 2 problems.

    1.The default gateway is not available <Not fixed>
    2. The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken <yellow caution triangle>

    I'm a lost puppy now and given the fact that midterms is this week, this couldn't have come at a more worse time!!! Any help is appreciated. I'll be online vigilantly today so expect a quick response if you guys have any questions! Thanks in advance!! :)
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