Windows 7 ACPI ATK0110 driver problem


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Hi, here is my problem
Yesterday, Windows Update just told me to install ACPI ATK0110 driver with the label "Important". So I did my little research about it, and I found out it was for power managing. So probably, it was a good thing for my computer. But since, my computer started to do blue screen of death, normal freezing too. But now, when I put my computer in sleep mode, it came out of it automatically after 1 min approx. and too, when I shutdown my computer, everything is down (Hard drive, LEDs, etc) all except my fan, it's still running. I probably know how to fix this with the last good configuration, but I was just wondering if there are other people that have to same problem, or have a reason to this. I can look all over the web, but nothing except motherboard or power supply problem (for the fan still running) but when I boot on Vista, there are no problem, everything work well.

Thank you

(Btw, my hardware is not a problem)
Yes I had this problem. I found the fix in the power options was set to sleep instead of turn off, and also in my bios is was set to sleep when the power button is pushed. Didn't have this problem in XP
If progsters solution doesn't work for you, you can always choose a restore point before the update.

Every Windows Update automatically creates a restore point.
Yes, I did that, my problem seems to be fix for the fan, but my sleep still wake up after 1 min, I guess it's still buggy, my settings are the same in Vista, and for the blue screen/freeze seems to come for Adobe Flash while playing full screen stream videos, and always in the same order : Blue screen, restart, flash player again, freeze, some hour later, blue screen, restart, flash, freeze, etc.

Might be a bug because flash is not optimized for Windows 7 with some componants, and it doesn't bug because i'm playing HD video