Acronis Backup: Moving Computer to New Operating System in future. Will software do?

Ken Nomes

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Hello. Had a member recommend Acronis for backup. I have looked into and am contemplating their solution.
From what I understand you can also move from computer to computer. If I get a new machine (which I will need shortly) and the operating sytem is more advanced can I switch over then through Acronis?
I am on windows 8 currently. This would be big for me as I know there will be bumps otherwise as I am not 100% technically proficient in moving everything over.


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You can certainly move backed up data (docs, pics, vids, etc...) to a new computer. However, all of your programs would need to be re-installed.


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Well, it depends on whether you are planning to use your current os on the new pc or if you want to use another version of Windows. You can transfer the image of your current system drive over to the new pc, this would include all partitions of the system drive, the os, all settings and your installed programs. There is a good chance that it will work "out of the box" but moving a system drive with it's os (at least if it's Windows) comes always with the risk of encountering driver problems which can be a pain in the... to fix. But if you are planning to use another version of Windows (supposedly the one that comes with the new pc) I'm afraid you will have the set it up from scratch, the only thing that will be restorable ist your personal data.

My tip would be to start from scratch and only restore your data. This way you get a fresh install. Otherwise, even if the transfer does not cause any troubles, you will copy over to your new pc all the problems you might have encountered with your old pc/ Windows.


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Depending on how similar or not the hardware configurations are you will almost certainly suffer system file incompatibilities, in particular device drivers. On top of this you will also be importing unwanted "baggage" from the earlier machine which will have undesirable affects on the new one. I would take the opportunity to create a brand new installation from scratch, as others have advised, transferring only user data files afterwards.