Acronis True Image Free For WD hard Drive Users

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by Joe S, Jul 28, 2010.

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    I found this link WD Support I loaded it on a virtual machine and it looks like a stripped down version of Acronis True Image. It looks like the scheduler and some extra tools have been removed. I recently bought a 2T WD external HD and their included automatic backup sucked. My sister also got one this should work for her. I already use the Paid version.
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    Thanks for the link - nice freebie - I've used True Image for years and swear by it. The WD edition looks a good intro to the package and I'm sure many will be tempted (which I guess is the idea behind it) to buy the full product which is not expensive and is probably the single most important utility I have on my lappy.
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    For those without a WD drive anywhere in their system, they probably have either a Seagate or Maxtor drive.
    Acronis True Image comes for FREE with the Seagate "Seatools" package which is FREE to download and it's also available for FREE from Maxtor in their "Maxblast" software package that can be downloaded or found on the Maxblast CD that comes with Retail Maxtor drives.

    In both cases, a Boot CD can be made from the program, (once it's installed) so you don't have to keep the program on your PC.

    Acronis True Image version 9 or better, works great for any version of Windows up through Windows 7.

    I'm just more familiar with Ghost 2003 or Ghost 11.5 which also works for Vista or W-7, so that's what I keep using.

    Free is Good!

    Old Timer :cool:

    PS: A link to download that WD version of Acronis True Image, would be nice. Eh?
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