Activation Problem Windows 7

Here's my problem. I downloaded Windows 7 from a special college deal for $30 I upgraded from vista, but it screwed up my computer. I would get blue screens at random times while I was using it. I decided to clean install instead, but then I realized the stupid file they gave me only works for upgrading from Vista. I used a version my roommate had and now it won't accept my key. I can't seem to find the boot disks for vista that came with my computer. I was wondering if there is any way Microsoft would get me another key? I'm not buying a new one for $100 bucks or paying to contact customer service. Microsoft is really pissing me off now since my Xbox just broke and they won't fix it cause it's out of warranty. Let me know if you have a solution. Right now it is saying that I have a counterfeit version of Windows, but I guess it's better than the blue screens. Will I get kicked off of Windows or can I keep using it like this? Let me know


It will allow you to continue using Windows, but as for any updates for windows or internet explorer, you wont recieve them. same if microsoft release a service pack, you wont be able to install it

there will be a charge for the replacement vista discs, you will need to get in touch with your computer manufacturer for this

best thing to do is either contact your computer manufacturer for the vista disks OR get onto and buy a new licence
your college might also be able to help

Activation Problem Windows 7 , downloaded and installed win 7, but my activation code never came. I got the backup disk thru snail mail. It has all kinds of numbers on it but no activation code. It ticks me off that I have a legal copy that will not end up behaving like a legal copy. There has to be a way of getting MS to re-issue my activation code. Feel like David and Goliath.

@ Ducklowguy, do a clean install of Vista, activate it, and then upgrade it to 7.

@ Thedupuisr, you should be able to contact support of where you purchased your 7.

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