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Hello all

I today downloaded the Win10 ISO with Microsoft's "create installation media" tool. I then extracted that ISO to my USB drive and used it to upgrade my activated 8.1 installation. It did not ask for any key during the upgrade process.

Now, after installlation I cannot activate the product, if I try to enter my 8.1 key it says it is invalid. What do I need to do ? I think it expects a Windows 10 key... it does have a key entered by default that is not my 8.1 key (I can only see parts of it as Windows asteriks most away but the last few digits do not match my 8.1 key. But this one does not activate either...


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Spotted Dog

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I tried to activate several times and kept getting the error, but it finally took it and is now activated.


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@FrankDM2 Did you perhaps try and put pro onto a free 8.1 upgrade from 8... that would need the home version mate.

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