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Rearm Windows 7 Evaluation Builds

Just as you could do during the release of the Windows Vista pre-releases, betas, and release candidates, the Software Licensing Manager in Windows 7 allows you to "re-arm" a Windows 7 operating system that was installed without a product key. This process is documented on Microsoft TechNet:

In Windows 7:

Launch the Command Console:

Go to Start -> Search -> cmd
Right click "cmd" and Run As Administrator

In the console type:

slmgr -rearm

This will "re-arm" your Windows 7 evaluation for 30 days, but the number of times you can do this is limited to 3, giving you a maximum of 120 days.
YEs indeed it does. I installed 6956 on a crap computer just to test out the theory and it worked. It resets it to a full nother 30 day eval. I do not know how many times though you can rearm it. I have not tested that out ye.
haha maybe they want it to be this easy for the operating system to get out considering how bad the perception on vista was.
You can in fact do this on Vista evaluations and other software. It is actually a supported method of resetting the activation. But any way, you can only do it 3 times as tested in VMWare. :)
Also I found out that if you image the hard drigve and reinstall it it will reset the count all the way back. I did this successfully after having 6801 installed for a month.