Windows 7 Activation question


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Jun 13, 2009
I am using the Windows 7 RC and have activated it. I am dual booting with xp (installed first) and want to remove xp partition. I thought it might be easier to backup my Windows 7 and reinstall on a newly formatted drive. I want to know if I can reactivate after reinstall or will it stop me? If someone has another alternative to get rid of xp, I'd appreciate it.
Mark. :)

You can reload on a fresh format as many times as you like, so that will not be an issue.
Another thing you can do is just remove the XP listing from the boot sequence. Since you had XP on first you will need to do a repair on the 7 install to rebuild the boot file. and then open up Disk management in windows 7 Then you can format the XP partition and then use the extend feature to extend your main partition into the old XP partition.


Thanks so much for your help, very much appreciated. :D