Activation will not Work on dsik format clean install

I wonder if anyone has overcome this. I installed Windows 7 home premium over xp pro. I used the clean install option. When I was done I didn't have any disc space left. I was under the impression that the install would clear out the old version and I would have a nice clean HD with just the OS. What I got was all my old files still there but unaccessible. SO I did it again and same result. Well now I'm over it and did a format to clear the past program and all the old files I wanted out in the first place. I rebooted to the install disc and proceeded to do the deed. After I loaded all my drivers and finally got everything together (pain in the a..) i went to activate and got the error telling me I did a clean install and the "Upgrade" I bought could not be used due to an old version not being on my disc when i did the install WTH ? Now I have a laptop with 22 days left on this "Trial Version" I paid $149 for and no xp disc to reinstall to fix this issue. I do have a ghost of the old HD image on an external HD. Can I just copy the windows folder over to the laptop HD and activate then delete that "windows folder" or is there an easier way?

Could you clarify, did you install it from the full 7 installation DVD over XP without formating the partition ?

Save all your personal data to a usb or another drive, then boot the 7 DVD, format the partition from the installation wizard, and clean install 7. When done, proceed to the activation.


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Do you happen to have 2 hard drives?


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Well, it is too late now, but the old files were accessible, and you could have just deleted the 3 folders that are kept from the old install. If you can't find some trick, I would say you might have to reinstall XP, but it is hard to say.

Just install W7 again as an "upgrade" it will take your key with no problems.

You will have to run "Setup" from the booted W7 you are now running, not as a boot from CD/DVD.

Thx Joeyc it worked

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