Active grouped window changing to right

If I have 2 or more windows open (Windows Explorer or any other application), the most active window always seems to switch to the right on the task bar in the grouping order, is there any way to stop this??? I keep having to relaunch to keeping the keep the applications in the order I want on the task bar. Quit assuming I want the most active window on the right Windows! I Don't! :frown:

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Mine do not appear to do what you are describing. But I have mine set to "Always combine, hide labels" in the Taskbar properties.

If I open an application that is not already on the Task Bar, the icon does show up on the right side as last opened. I can move it around, but if it is not pinned, it will probably return to the last position the next time it is opened.

Mine is set to "never combine" & I like it that way the moving is erratic & seems to move the most active window to far right slot of the task bar grouping somehow assuming I wish the most active window on top (far right) when I just want it in the original order of opening.

Man! this is becoming EXCEEDINGLY annoying, I don't know how much time is wasted each day relaunching applications in order to receive proper placement on the task bar but its a lot.

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