ActiveX-objects missing 2 in Windows Live Messenger


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Yea yea I know I should get a decent chat program instead of WLM but I dont wanna. so you just gotta help me :)

every time I start ANY game in WLM the same error message appears.
I've tried chaning the IE security settings but to no avail.
Donwnloading ActiveX objects is simply impossible. try googling it yourself. only fake sites :(

I'm running Windows 7 Build 7232 - 64Bit
I installed all available updates.

does anyone know where to download the ActiveX objects or how to activate them or so?
would be really nice ^^

kind regards PACMAN/Nilsb7

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The same problem


I have got the same problem i cant install any active x object!!

So microsoft do something!


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I'm now using Windows 7 Build 7600 / RTM, and I've still got the same problem.

Just weird, "WINDOWS live messenger" doesnt work in WINDOWS 7 :(

Tried updating Windows live services?

Essentials - Windows Live
download the this and start install, if its right you can update your version of windows live messenger, or try this: Remove all Windows live services and restart your PC, after that install MSN agian.

cheers silas


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I already have the windows live essentials installed and I already tried reinstalling it three times...


Oke but tried delte all files of windows live essentials? and then reinstall, and updated your PC ?


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Yes, I did, I uninstalled Windows Live Messenger and everything else that has Windows Live in its name. Then reinstalled Windows Live Messenger, and it's still not working.

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