Add And Remove programs doesn't work period- possible to fix or reinstall?

So since the other day, Add And Remove programs has given me some trouble. Basically, when I went to the start Menu to work it, it didn't open up until I made a shortcut for the Desktop. And then it gave me the message that in all programs, to be blunt it couldn't find it- while I can't access it now, it said it couldn't find the program and asked me if I wanted to Admin Remove it from the list- this did nothing. And now, again, it doesn't work period. I've tried a system restore, but going back the farthest I can, it still doesn't work. Is it possible to completely reinstall Add And Remove Programs, or somehow fix it? Thank you very much if you can help! Sorry if this is in the wrong area

Andrea Borman

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What version of Windows have you got? That is does your computer have Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7? That is the first thing. If you are running Windows 7,you should be able to find the programs menu,in which you can uninstall a program by clicking control panel in the start menu. You should also be able to find it in Windows XP or Windows Vista,but the layout is sightly different.

But the feature to add or remove programs should be working. But if you are trying to uninstall a program that is bundled with Windows-for example,Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer. You won't be able to, as the default programs bundled with Windows,such as Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, cannot be uninstalled through the programs menu.

But yes,the program menu should be working and you should be able to find it. On my computer which is a Netbook,I have a recovery option where I can restore my computer back to factory condition. This will restore your computer back to the condition it was in when you bought the computer.

I am quite lucky on my laptop,which is an HP Mini 210 Windows 7 Netbook. As I have got two restore to factory options.
1-full factory restore-this is where the laptop is restored to factory condition with all of HP's branded software as well as all of the Windows software. This is how it was the day I brought it home from the shop. The out of the box condition.

2-Minimized image restore- This too will restore your computer to factory condition but unlike the first option.This puts back your original version of Windows your computer came with when it was bought. And all of the vital software needed to run Windows,Internet Explorer,Windows Media Player and Windows drivers,including network drivers. But unlike the first option you do not get all of HP's software,which I do not like.

Choose the full factory restore if you want to restore to factory settings with all of the branded HP software your computer came with as well as a clean reinstall of your original Windows. But if you just want a clean reinstall of your original windows WITHOUT the HP software. Then choose the minimized image restore option for this.

I do not know what settings your computer has but there should be a recovery option to restore it to factory settings and this may solve the problem.

But you do not say what has caused it. Have you downloaded any additional software programs from the Internet lately that may have affected this? Like a registry cleaner or something like that?

The reason I had to do a factory restore was because I used a registry cleaner and it wiped out system restore and it no longer worked. But this is different from recovery,which is kept hidden from users like you or I. So it cannot be corrupted. I think you should try the factory restore and see what happens. Andrea Borman.

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