Windows Vista Add Network Printer -> Crash

I have an application that is supposed to have printing functionality.
Application is developed in VC++ 6.0 w/ SP6 and Vista Ultimate OS.

The problem:
There are no printers configured/added in the machine yet.
When I click print button, Add Printers dialog from Vista popsup. It gives me an option to choose local printer or a network printer.
When I click Network Printer, my application crashes !!!

I use DoPreparePrinting method.

Please let me know the cause.


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Hi!! I have an educated guess, a couple of thoughts really. Is everything squared away with the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) ? KB941542 Could there be anything wrong with say an outpost firewall ? Similar to this man: >> Vista >> BSOD from Outpost Firewall or Brother network printer? - Microsoft Windows Forum This VC++6.0/SP6- a private program? I've heard they cause problems now and then. Have you run a compatibility test ? (Printer and Computer) What are the error codes? Anything that flags----

There is no error code as such.The application was developed on win2k and was needed to make it compatible with Vista.So during testing we found that the add printer options dialog Network printer crashes. When we see the call stack the crash is in Ole32.dll.So there is no trace from our module.Once DopreparePrinting is called the systems print dialog pops up and then by selecting network printer it crashes.I tried with the updates mentioned by u .But its not working.Any guess how to resolve this.

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