adding and editing tags/keywords video files like .AVI, .FLV etc.


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adding and editing tags/keywords in video files like .AVI, .FLV etc.


in windows explorer when I right click a .wmv or .mp4 files and go to "Properties" -> "Details" I can add and edit tags/keywords.

.flv, .avi and other video files DON'T have this options under the "Details" section. (I know there are not "windows standard" video types)
how can I add it ? I want to be able to add and edit tags/keywords to these kind of files.

I rather have a windows solution for this but installing a software that can work with windows explorer is not out of the question
...I had a fix for this in windows XP by installing some software

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You either need to have a plugin for Windows Media Player like, How to edit your video and audio within Windows Media Player, or you need to have a separate software. It's pretty much "Search and look". :)
with the plugin you posted: I didn't see anything about editing tags/keywords but about editing the videos itself.
I'm not interested in editing videos, but editing tags/keywords of non .wmv files.

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