adding files to index


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I am rapidly tiring of windows 7 search. I does seem to resemble Vista more and more and not for anything good.
I have added .tps to the index, and now Windows 7 will find that file type when searching. Sort of... Thing is - Windows 7 won't recognize the size of these files - they show up as 0 kb files sometimes. Windows 7 can find the .tps files which seems to more than 0 kb - sometimes 2 or 3 kb even if they must be much larger. Windows 7 can't find 0 kb files. They are there visible to everyone - but Windows can't find them.
I am so bloody fed up with this lack of proper search. tps files are postscript files and not some bloody unknown strange thing from outer space - it's a file type which should be know and bloody XP can find them with no fuss whatsoever. AND show the proper file size!
Can anything be done about this sorry mess? How do I make Windows 7 recognize *.tps files properly ?