Adding sensors to Windows 7

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    Adding Sensors to Windows7 | Windows 7 News

    Developers now have a tool that allows them to monitor a motion sensor.
    What is the advantage of using the sensor monitor application? It is a time and cost saver. It allows sensor developers a platform where they can create compatible sensors and sensor drivers, in a virtual environment; application developers can use the platform to write simple applications that retrieve and respond-to data from those sensors. This is the time a cost saver because previously, a developer would need to build the hardware, write the driver, and then write the application code as well. Moreover, there was no mechanism or API for exposing that hardware to other applications; now there is. All users and programs on your computer can access information from it once it is enabled.
    You can build a simple motion sensor, a Sensor device driver, and a Sensor application that you can use to observe real-time sensor data in Windows 7.

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