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Addressing Full Text Copying and Pasting of News, Security, and Tutorial Articles

We were recently made aware of what appears to be infringing content, in the form of full-text copy and paste articles from 3rd party websites. While we consider information posted online about computer security, information technology, and important tech related news to be OK for re-publishing on an open forum site, we have received complaints from HowToGeek and SecurityGarden.

The forum administration considers the syndication and reporting of news articles to be protected by the First Amendment and freedom of speech and the press. Sites purporting to serve "security news" should expect other websites to reference their material. We are not responsible for posts and threads made by all of our members, nor can the administrators, owners, and affiliates of be expected to moderate all of this content. We expect that all members who choose to make posts that reference third party websites to do so with the greatest amount of integrity to the original author. This includes using excerpts and adding ones own thoughts and contributions when citing third party websites.

Members who fail to abide by this policy may have their posts removed per Terms of Service guidelines. The forum administration finds the argument of copyright to be somewhat vague when purported security news sites, tutorial websites, and other related information technology sites become upset that their work is being quoted and/or syndicated on a forum dedicated to online technical support. Thus, it is the view of the forum administrators that we will encourage our members not to cite third parties that may be hostile to the basic tenants of free speech and fair use. We expect members to abide by this policy and not to quote articles full text verbatim. It is better that members simply use a quote or excerpt to make their point, and add additional material that may be useful to the viewer. We are still committed to working with the authors of third party content that has been placed online, within reason, but we also expect such content providers to explicitly state any concerns that they may have to their own viewers before nauseously complaining to us that they did not want anyone to link to their website.

For further clarification:
  1. Do not copy and paste the full article under any circumstances.
  2. Using your own words, summarize who/what/where/when/and why the article is important.
  3. Attribute the source of the article with a link back the original article, or, if not possible for technical reasons, source the website or web location whereas the article can most easily be located. Example - Source: http://...
  4. These guidelines do not apply to YouTube videos, or sites that have an open license for redistribution.
First Amendment rights allow for commentary on newsworthy events and information. 3rd party policies do not trump these rights.

Thank you, and take care!

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