Windows Vista Adjusting Taskbar Preview Sizes With AveThumbnailSizer


Hello boys 'n' girls !

Being tired of the Water Cooler section, I decided to share with you something that I myself have been using for long and that has proved to be quite usefull and very stable. So, here's a way to set different sizes for the Vista taskbar previews with this great small portable utility by Andreas Verhoeven, called AveThumbnailSizer. Extract the archive to any part of your hard drive, like Documents or Program Files, click on avethumbnailsizer.exe and you'll get the sliders to adjust the preview sizes with:


By default, the preview size is 160 x 160:


which you can make smaller or larger:

Small..jpg Large..jpg

To automatically run Vistathumbnailsizer with your system start:

1. Make a shortcut of vistathumbnailsizer.exe
2. Copy the shortcut to the startup folder
3. Right-click on the shortcut and open its properties
4. Add --hiden to Object > Path to vistathumbnailsizer.exe" /--hiden

For example, my shortcut initially was:

\\\\\\\\\\\"C:\Users\Windows Vista\Documents\AveThumbnailSizer\vistathumbnailsizer.exe\\\\\\\\\\\"
Then I added /--hiden :

\\\\\\\\\\\"C:\Users\Windows Vista\Documents\AveThumbnailSizer\vistathumbnailsizer.exe\\\\\\\\\\\" /--hiden

To keep in mind :

- 32-bit does work ONLY in Vista x86
- 64-bit works ONLY in Vista x64
- Vistathumbnailsizer works ONLY in Vista/Server 2008 with Aero enabled
- Does not work in XP/7, if you run it there you'll have to reset your machine

5. Enjoy !

Download AveThumbnailSizer


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Yes buddy, its working. I am feeling very awsem and fresh to having different shapes and styles of taskbars. Thanks

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