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On my new Windows 7 - 64 bit computer, occasionally the system would ask me if I wanted the Admin Privileges needed to perform some task I was trying, I'd say Yes, & life was good. But today I wanted to create a new folder in c/program files (x86)/turbotax, & the system said i could only create the folder in my xyz(user-name) directory. (I have auto-updates enabled.) What changed?!

Is there a system tweek I can make that's general enough to prevent ALL "Admin Privilege" problems for me? If not, is there ONE workaround that I can use to fix all Admin Priv situations as they occur? If not, how can I place the new folder I want in the directory above so I can download my new Turbo Tax pgm? I don't know much about system-level workings & hope i don't need to deal with a unique workaround for each specific Admin Priv problem I'll encounter.

Please be as specific as possible, as at best I'm an "advanced novice" with my new system. THANKS IN ADVANCE. I desperately need my turbo tax to make financial decisions before year end!

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You could Take Ownership of that folder make sure it's not a System files or folder because it can even stop the System from not booting again. There is no easy way to take all the admin privileges. Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

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thanks for the suggestion. i misspoke. i was allowed to create the folder i wanted w/i the program files tree, but was only allowed to download my new turbotax into my user acct folder. i allowed this, then dragged the download into the folder i wanted. the system asked me for Admin privilege to do this, i said Yes, & it worked :) wish i understood all this better, but i muddled thru another maze "blind." THANKS AGAIN, CAPTAIN JACK!

trust me I under stand what you going I'm amost blind. I do undersand you complety :)
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