Administrative rights problem with foobar2000


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Hi all, i've been a lurker here since the release of windows 7.

I have a problem with foobar on a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate 64bit. I am the sole account owner who presumably has administrative rights since i set this up from the win7 installation.

Basically i want to use foobar to delete/move/copy songs in the playlists. To do that i have to "run as admin" however that causes a side affect and disables a function in the foobar icon taskbar, which is when you hover over the icon you should be able to see play/pause/stop/next etc. However when you run under "run as admin" this feature dissappears for some reason.

Now i tried to take ownership of foobar2000.exe AND its parent folder, as well as set "Full Control" permissions for my user account. I thought this might give the same priviledges as admin but then i can't delete files when i open foobar regularly. So i could achieve deleting files from foobar if i run as admin but not only i lose that taskbar feature but i also get that annoying UAC message. I know i could lower the UAC security bar but i only just want to make an exception for foobar, and keep the security the same level for all other programs.

Any ideas how i can grant myself administrative priveledges without annoying popups and losing the foobar taskbar feature?



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Just move Foobar2000 folder out of Program Files folder.
I keep it on my data drive (D:\) together with the music.
Now I can start it without UAC message and I can drag files to play.