Windows 7 Administrative rights


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I need to remove some files. I try but am denied as I don't have administrative rights. How do I get them? I m the only one to have ever used the laptop. It was bought brand new.

I've run Windows since 3.1 but only with 7 have I been asked this. Is this a new feature? What's the purpose? I was thinking stolen software or computer, but with hackers and crackers around, can't the rights be reset or reassigned?
Pinkipad, you should click on Start, Run, "control userpasswords2" and determine which users have Administrator rights, you may need to use the NT Offline Password Editor software mentioned elsewhere on the forum to reset the Administrator account, and give yourself Administrator rights.

As to why Windows 7 asks for Admin rights its because Windows has became much more secure since Win 3.1! It now uses User Account Control to verify system changes that could have a undesired effects.