Administrator Logging in and loading default profile.

Hello, i'm new to this forum but I was hoping someone here could help me out as I'm unsure what i've done.

Last week I turned off my desktop normally and there was no major differences that had been made whilst it was on. I leave my desktop for one week and the next time I logged on it appeared to load fine untill after I typed in my password.

After it said that It was logging me in it appeared with "Preparing your desktop"...this i'd never seen during my normal login. After about a 3 minute wait It logs me into my account but there are only a few icons on the desktop and my background and files are all gone.

Once everything is loaded a message appeared at the bottom right telling me that my profile had been loaded as a default profile...

I went to check that my files were still there and it tells me that there is 195gb of 698gb...which means all my files are still there, they just arent showing up. Beside my user folder there is a lock icon...I managed to load up a word document but i'm not able to load up a photoshop file within the user folder.

I'm running the 64 bit Windows 7.

Any help at all would be great.
Thanks in advance.


Windows does that when your user account becomes corrupt.

A possible way to fix that is to use system restore to restore to a period before the corruption began.

Before doing so, you might want to see how it goes after another reboot.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply.

I've restarted it a number of times and it keeps happening. Do you think my files will still be in a working order if i was to transfer them to another computer?


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Did you do a system restore like TorrentG suggested?

Other tries:

1. Run chkdsk /f C: from an administrative command prompt. Running it with /f might identify and fix problems.

2. Try to fix your user profile with this:
Repair Windows User Profile data & settings with ReProfiler | The Windows Club

No I havent yet, I'll give that a shot 2morrow, along with your other ideas if it doesnt work. I'll post how it goes 2morrow, thanks alot. :)

I've attempted to do a system restore but it hasn't changed anything, still logging me in with a default profile. I attempted to use the ReProfilers that zvit suggested but whenever I try to run it my computer tells me that the file cant be opened. It says "Your internet security settings prevented on or more files from being opened". I've never seen that warning before. I tested it on some other programs and whenever I try to open them the warning appears.


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If Restore didn't work, you can try running a last good known configuration:

Lets try to fix the second problem here:
Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened.

Read also the posts further at the bottom for a few of the top posts didn't work for some and the bottom posts solutions did.

Hey guys. I'm still not having any luck with this. I looked through all the methods that were posted and followed the instructions from the web pages but nothing seems to be working. Would reinstalling my OS make a difference?

I couldn't fix the Internet Security problem either, every time I went to do an action it would pop up telling me that it couldn't open. It wouldn't even let me change the User Account Control.

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